Class DeleteEntityAction

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    public class DeleteEntityAction
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.lang.Runnable
    An action to delete entities in Datastore specified by raw key ids, which can be found in Datastore Viewer in the AppEngine console - it's the really long alphanumeric key that is labeled "Entity key" on the page for an individual entity.

    rawKeys is the only required parameter. It is a comma-delimited list of Strings.

    WARNING: This servlet can be dangerous if used incorrectly as it can bypass checks on deletion (including whether the entity is referenced by other entities) and it does not write commit log entries for non-registered types. It should mainly be used for deleting testing or malformed data that cannot be properly deleted using existing tools. Generally, if there already exists an entity-specific deletion command, then use that one instead.

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      static java.lang.String PARAM_RAW_KEYS  
      static java.lang.String PATH  
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      void run()  
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        public void run()
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