Class ExpandRecurringBillingEventsAction.ExpandRecurringBillingEventsReducer

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    public static class ExpandRecurringBillingEventsAction.ExpandRecurringBillingEventsReducer
    "Reducer" to advance the cursor after all map jobs have been completed. The NullInput into the mapper will cause the mapper to emit one timestamp pair (current cursor and execution time), and the cursor will be advanced (and the timestamps logged) at the end of a successful mapreduce.
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      void reduce​(org.joda.time.DateTime cursorTime,<org.joda.time.DateTime> executionTimeInput)  
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      • ExpandRecurringBillingEventsReducer

        public ExpandRecurringBillingEventsReducer​(boolean isDryRun,
                                                   org.joda.time.DateTime expectedPersistedCursorTime)
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        public void reduce​(org.joda.time.DateTime cursorTime,
                 <org.joda.time.DateTime> executionTimeInput)
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        reduce in class<org.joda.time.DateTime,​org.joda.time.DateTime,​java.lang.Void>