Class DatastoreAdmin.Builder

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    public static class DatastoreAdmin.Builder
    Builder for DatastoreAdmin.
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      Builder​( httpTransport, jsonFactory, httpRequestInitializer)  
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      DatastoreAdmin build()  
      DatastoreAdmin.Builder setApplicationName​(java.lang.String applicationName)  
      DatastoreAdmin.Builder setProjectId​(java.lang.String projectId)
      Sets the GCP project ID of the Cloud Datastore databases being managed.
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        getJsonFactory, getObjectParser, setGoogleClientRequestInitializer, setHttpRequestInitializer, setRootUrl, setServicePath, setSuppressAllChecks, setSuppressPatternChecks, setSuppressRequiredParameterChecks
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        getApplicationName, getGoogleClientRequestInitializer, getHttpRequestInitializer, getRootUrl, getServicePath, getSuppressPatternChecks, getSuppressRequiredParameterChecks, getTransport, setBatchPath
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      • Builder

        public Builder​( httpTransport,
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      • setApplicationName

        public DatastoreAdmin.Builder setApplicationName​(java.lang.String applicationName)
        setApplicationName in class
      • setProjectId

        public DatastoreAdmin.Builder setProjectId​(java.lang.String projectId)
        Sets the GCP project ID of the Cloud Datastore databases being managed.
      • build

        public DatastoreAdmin build()
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        build in class