Class DomainContent.Builder<T extends DomainContent,​B extends DomainContent.Builder<T,​B>>

    • Constructor Detail

      • Builder

        public Builder()
    • Method Detail

      • setDomainName

        public B setDomainName​(java.lang.String domainName)
      • setDsData

        public B setDsData​(<DelegationSignerData> dsData)
      • setNameservers

        public B setNameservers​(<VKey<HostResource>> nameservers)
      • addNameservers

        public B addNameservers​(<VKey<HostResource>> nameservers)
      • removeNameservers

        public B removeNameservers​(<VKey<HostResource>> nameservers)
      • setContacts

        public B setContacts​(<DesignatedContact> contacts)
      • addContacts

        public B addContacts​(<DesignatedContact> contacts)
      • removeContacts

        public B removeContacts​(<DesignatedContact> contacts)
      • setLaunchNotice

        public B setLaunchNotice​(LaunchNotice launchNotice)
      • setIdnTableName

        public B setIdnTableName​(java.lang.String idnTableName)
      • setSubordinateHosts

        public B setSubordinateHosts​(<java.lang.String> subordinateHosts)
      • addSubordinateHost

        public B addSubordinateHost​(java.lang.String hostToAdd)
      • removeSubordinateHost

        public B removeSubordinateHost​(java.lang.String hostToRemove)
      • setRegistrationExpirationTime

        public B setRegistrationExpirationTime​(org.joda.time.DateTime registrationExpirationTime)
      • setSmdId

        public B setSmdId​(java.lang.String smdId)
      • setGracePeriods

        public B setGracePeriods​(<GracePeriod> gracePeriods)
      • addGracePeriod

        public B addGracePeriod​(GracePeriod gracePeriod)
      • removeGracePeriod

        public B removeGracePeriod​(GracePeriod gracePeriod)
      • setAutorenewEndTime

        public B setAutorenewEndTime​(java.util.Optional<org.joda.time.DateTime> autorenewEndTime)
        Sets the autorenew end time, or clears it if empty is passed.

        Note that DateTimeUtils.END_OF_TIME is used as a sentinel value in the database representation to signify that autorenew doesn't end, and is mapped to empty here for the purposes of more legible business logic.