Class CommitLogBucket

    • Constructor Detail

      • CommitLogBucket

        public CommitLogBucket()
    • Method Detail

      • getBucketNum

        public int getBucketNum()
      • getLastWrittenTime

        public org.joda.time.DateTime getLastWrittenTime()
      • getBucketKey

        public static com.googlecode.objectify.Key<CommitLogBucket> getBucketKey​(int num)
        Returns the key for the specified bucket ID.

        Always use this method in preference to manually creating bucket keys, since manual keys are not guaranteed to have a valid bucket ID number.

      • getBucketIds

        public static<java.lang.Integer> getBucketIds()
        Returns a sorted set of all the possible numeric bucket IDs.
      • getArbitraryBucketId

        public static int getArbitraryBucketId()
        Returns an arbitrary numeric bucket ID. Default behavior is randomly chosen IDs.
      • loadBucket

        public static CommitLogBucket loadBucket​(com.googlecode.objectify.Key<CommitLogBucket> bucketKey)
        Returns the loaded bucket for the given key, or a new object if the bucket doesn't exist.
      • loadAllBuckets

        public static<CommitLogBucket> loadAllBuckets()
        Returns the set of all loaded commit log buckets, filling in missing buckets with new ones.
      • getAllBucketKeys

        public static<com.googlecode.objectify.Key<CommitLogBucket>> getAllBucketKeys()
        Returns all commit log bucket keys, in ascending order by bucket ID.