Class VKeyTranslatorFactory

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    public class VKeyTranslatorFactory
    extends AbstractSimpleTranslatorFactory<VKey,​>
    Translator factory for VKey.

    These get translated to a string containing the URL safe encoding of the objectify key followed by a (url-unsafe) ampersand delimiter and the SQL key.

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      static void addTestEntityClass​(java.lang.Class<?> clazz)  
      google.registry.model.translators.AbstractSimpleTranslatorFactory.SimpleTranslator<VKey,​> createTranslator()  
      static VKey<?> createVKey​( datastoreKey)
      Create a VKey from a raw datastore key.
      static <T> VKey<T> createVKey​(com.googlecode.objectify.Key<T> key)
      Create a VKey from an objectify Key.
      static VKey<?> createVKey​(java.lang.String urlSafe)
      Create a VKey from a URL-safe string representation.
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      • VKeyTranslatorFactory

        public VKeyTranslatorFactory()
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      • createVKey

        public static VKey<?> createVKey​(@Nullable
        Create a VKey from a raw datastore key.
      • createVKey

        public static <T> VKey<T> createVKey​(@Nullable
                                             com.googlecode.objectify.Key<T> key)
        Create a VKey from an objectify Key.
      • createVKey

        public static VKey<?> createVKey​(java.lang.String urlSafe)
        Create a VKey from a URL-safe string representation.
      • addTestEntityClass

        public static void addTestEntityClass​(java.lang.Class<?> clazz)
      • createTranslator

        public google.registry.model.translators.AbstractSimpleTranslatorFactory.SimpleTranslator<VKey,​> createTranslator()