Class BackfillSpec11ThreatMatchesCommand

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Command, CommandWithRemoteApi

    public class BackfillSpec11ThreatMatchesCommand
    extends ConfirmingCommand
    implements CommandWithRemoteApi
    Scrap tool to backfill Spec11ThreatMatch objects from prior days.

    This will load the previously-existing Spec11 files from GCS (looking back to 2019-01-01 (a rough estimate of when we started using this format) and convert those RegistrarThreatMatches objects into the new Spec11ThreatMatch format. It will then insert these entries into SQL.

    Note that the script will attempt to find the corresponding DomainBase object for each domain name on the day of the scan. It will fail if it cannot find a corresponding domain object, or if the domain objects were not active at the time of the scan.

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      • BackfillSpec11ThreatMatchesCommand

        public BackfillSpec11ThreatMatchesCommand()
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        protected java.lang.String prompt()
        Description copied from class: ConfirmingCommand
        Returns the optional extra confirmation prompt for the command.
        prompt in class ConfirmingCommand