Class UploadBsaUnavailableDomainsAction

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public class UploadBsaUnavailableDomainsAction extends Object implements Runnable
Daily action that uploads unavailable domain names on applicable TLDs to BSA.

The upload is a single zipped text file containing combined details for all BSA-enrolled TLDs. The text is a newline-delimited list of punycoded fully qualified domain names, and contains all domains on each TLD that are registered and/or reserved.

The file is also uploaded to GCS to preserve it as a record for ourselves.

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    • UploadBsaUnavailableDomainsAction

      @Inject public UploadBsaUnavailableDomainsAction(Clock clock, BsaCredential bsaCredential, GcsUtils gcsUtils, google.registry.bsa.BsaEmailSender emailSender, @Config("bsaUnavailableDomainsGcsBucket") String gcsBucket, @Config("bsaUploadUnavailableDomainsUrl") String apiUrl, Response response)
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      public void run()
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      run in interface Runnable