Class DelegatedCredentials

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public class DelegatedCredentials extends
OAuth2 credentials for accessing Google Workspace APIs with domain-wide delegation. It fetches access tokens using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) signed by a user-provided ServiceAccountSigner.

This class accepts the application-default-credential as ServiceAccountSigner, avoiding the need for exported private keys. In this case, the default credential user itself ( on AppEngine) must have domain-wide delegation to the Workspace APIs. The default credential user also must have the Token Creator role to itself.

If the user provides a credential S that carries its own private key, such as ServiceAccountCredentials, this class can use S to impersonate another service account D and gain delegated access as D, as long as S has the Token Creator role to D. This usage is documented here for future reference.

As of October 2022, the functionalities described above are not implemented in the GCP Java Auth library, although they are available in the Python library. We have filed a feature request. This class is a stop-gap implementation.

The main body of this class is adapted from ServiceAccountCredentials with cosmetic changes. The important changes include the removal of all uses of the private key and the signing of the JWT (in signAssertion(,, We choose not to extend ServiceAccountCredentials because it would add dependency to the non-public details of that class.

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    protected static <T> T
    getFromServiceLoader(Class<? extends T> clazz, T defaultInstance)

    Refreshes the OAuth2 access token by getting a new access token using a JSON Web Token (JWT).

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      public refreshAccessToken() throws IOException
      Refreshes the OAuth2 access token by getting a new access token using a JSON Web Token (JWT).
      refreshAccessToken in class
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      protected static <T> T getFromServiceLoader(Class<? extends T> clazz, T defaultInstance)