Class CloudDnsWriter

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public class CloudDnsWriter extends BaseDnsWriter
DnsWriter implementation that talks to Google Cloud DNS.
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  • Field Details

    • NAME

      public static final String NAME
      The name of the dns writer, as used in Registry.dnsWriter. Remember to change the value on affected Registry objects to prevent runtime failures.
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  • Method Details

    • publishDomain

      public void publishDomain(String domainName)
      Publish the domain and all subordinate hosts.
      domainName - the fully qualified domain name, with no trailing dot
    • publishHost

      public void publishHost(String hostName)
      Publish A/AAAA records to Cloud DNS.

      Cloud DNS has no API for glue -- A/AAAA records are automatically matched to their corresponding NS records to serve glue.

      hostName - the fully qualified host name, with no trailing dot
    • commitUnchecked

      protected void commitUnchecked()
      Sync changes in a zone requested by publishDomain and publishHost to Cloud DNS.

      The zone for the TLD must exist first in Cloud DNS and must be DNSSEC enabled.

      The relevant resource records (including those of all subordinate hosts) will be retrieved and the operation will be retried until the state of the retrieved zone data matches the representation built via this writer.

      Specified by:
      commitUnchecked in class BaseDnsWriter