Class ExportPremiumTermsAction

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public class ExportPremiumTermsAction extends Object implements Runnable
Action that exports the premium terms list for a TLD to Google Drive.
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      public void run()
      Exports the premium terms for the TLD specified via the "tld" param to a file in the Google Drive folder configured for that TLD.

      The export file is named "CONFIDENTIAL_premium_terms.txt" and is encoded in UTF-8. It begins with the disclaimer text that is immediately followed by premium terms, each occupying a line. The file ends with a trailing newline.

      Each term is formatted as "term,price", where price is the ISO-4217 three-letter currency code followed by a space and then the numeric amount. For example:

       bank,USD 1599.00

      This servlet prints the ID of the file in GoogleDrive that was created/updated.

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      run in interface Runnable