Class FeeCheckCommandExtensionItem

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    FeeCheckCommandExtensionItemV06, FeeCheckCommandExtensionItemV12

    public abstract class FeeCheckCommandExtensionItem
    extends FeeQueryCommandExtensionItem
    Interface for individual fee extension items in Check commands. These are derived from the more general query items (which cover Info commands as well), but may also contain a domain name, depending on the version of the fee extension.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FeeCheckCommandExtensionItem

        public FeeCheckCommandExtensionItem()
    • Method Detail

      • isDomainNameSupported

        public abstract boolean isDomainNameSupported()
        True if this version of the fee extension supports domain names in Check items.
      • getDomainName

        public abstract java.lang.String getDomainName()
        The domain name being checked; throws an exception if domain names are not supported.