Class EppInput

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class EppInput extends ImmutableObject
This class represents the root EPP XML element for input.
  • Constructor Details

    • EppInput

      public EppInput()
  • Method Details

    • getCommandWrapper

      public EppInput.CommandWrapper getCommandWrapper()
    • getCommandType

      public String getCommandType()
      Returns the EPP command name, defined as the name of the InnerCommand element within the <command> element (e.g. "create" or "poll"), or "hello" for the hello command.
    • getResourceType

      public Optional<String> getResourceType()
      Returns the EPP resource type ("domain", "contact", or "host") for commands that operate on EPP resources, otherwise absent.
    • isDomainType

      public boolean isDomainType()
      Returns whether this EppInput represents a command that operates on domains.
    • getSingleTargetId

      public Optional<String> getSingleTargetId()
      Returns the target ID (name for domains and hosts, contact ID for contacts) if this command always acts on a single EPP resource, or absent otherwise (e.g. for "check" or "poll").
    • getTargetIds

      public<String> getTargetIds()
      Returns all the target IDs (name for domains and hosts, contact ID for contacts) that this command references if it acts on EPP resources, or the empty list otherwise (e.g. for "poll").
    • getSingleExtension

      public <E extends EppInput.CommandExtension> Optional<E> getSingleExtension(Class<E> clazz)
      Get the extension based on type, or null. If there are multiple, it chooses the first.