Class CertificateSupplierModule

  • @Module
    public final class CertificateSupplierModule
    extends java.lang.Object
    Dagger module that provides bindings needed to inject a certificate chain the corresponding private key.

    There are several ways (CertificateSupplierModule.Modes) that the certificate/key can be provided (explained later), and the user of this module needs to provide the binding to the CertificateSupplierModule.Mode in some other module to the component.

    The production certificates and private key are stored in a .pem file that is encrypted by Cloud KMS. The .pem file can be generated by concatenating the .crt certificate files on the chain and the .key private file.

    The production certificates in the .pem file must be stored in order, where the next certificate's subject is the previous certificate's issuer.

    When running the proxy locally or in test, a self signed certificate is used.

    See Also:
    Cloud Key Management Service
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