Class SqlUser

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    public abstract class SqlUser
    extends java.lang.Object
    SQL user information for privilege management purposes.

    A SqlUser.RobotUser represents a software system accessing the database using its own credential. Robots are well known and enumerated in SqlUser.RobotId.

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      static class  SqlUser.RobotId
      Enumerates the RobotUsers in the system.
      static class  SqlUser.RobotUser
      Information of a RobotUser for privilege management purposes.
    • Constructor Summary

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      protected SqlUser​(google.registry.privileges.secretmanager.SqlUser.UserType type, java.lang.String userName)  
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      google.registry.privileges.secretmanager.SqlUser.UserType getType()  
      java.lang.String geUserName()  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • SqlUser

        protected SqlUser​(google.registry.privileges.secretmanager.SqlUser.UserType type,
                          java.lang.String userName)
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      • getType

        public google.registry.privileges.secretmanager.SqlUser.UserType getType()
      • geUserName

        public java.lang.String geUserName()