Class RdapEntityAction

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public class RdapEntityAction extends RdapActionBase
RDAP (new WHOIS) action for entity (contact and registrar) requests. the ICANN operational profile dictates that the "handle" for registrars is to be the IANA registrar ID:

2.8.3. Registries MUST support lookup for entities with the registrar role within other objects using the handle (as described in 3.1.5 of RFC 9082). The handle of the entity with the registrar role MUST be equal to IANA Registrar ID. The entity with the registrar role in the RDAP response MUST contain a publicIDs member to identify the IANA Registrar ID from the IANA’s Registrar ID registry. The type value of the publicID object MUST be equal to IANA Registrar ID.

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    • RdapEntityAction

      @Inject public RdapEntityAction()
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    • getJsonObjectForResource

      public google.registry.rdap.RdapObjectClasses.RdapEntity getJsonObjectForResource(String pathSearchString, boolean isHeadRequest)