Class RdapMetrics

  • public class RdapMetrics
    extends java.lang.Object
    RDAP Instrumentation.
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      void updateMetrics​(google.registry.rdap.RdapMetrics.RdapMetricInformation rdapMetricInformation)
      Increments the RDAP metrics.
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      • RdapMetrics

        public RdapMetrics()
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      • updateMetrics

        public void updateMetrics​(google.registry.rdap.RdapMetrics.RdapMetricInformation rdapMetricInformation)
        Increments the RDAP metrics.

        This is intended to be called at the conclusion of a query, with the parameters specifying everything that happened. This method takes the data and updates metrics which offer several ways of looking at the data, since cardinality constraints prevent us from saving all the information in a single metric.