Class UpdateRegistrarRdapBaseUrlsAction

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    public final class UpdateRegistrarRdapBaseUrlsAction
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.lang.Runnable
    Loads the current list of RDAP Base URLs from the ICANN servers.

    This will update ALL the REAL registrars. If a REAL registrar doesn't have an RDAP entry in MoSAPI, we'll delete any BaseUrls it has.

    The ICANN endpoint is described in the MoSAPI specifications, part 11:

    It is a "login/query/logout" system where you login using the ICANN Reporting credentials, get a cookie you then send to get the list and finally logout.

    For clarity, this is how one would contact this endpoint "manually", from an allow-listed IP server:

    $ curl [base]/login -I --user [tld]_ry:[password]

    get the id=xxx value from the reply

    $ curl [base]/registrarRdapBaseUrl/list -b 'id=xxx'

    $ curl [base]/logout -b 'id=xxx'

    where [base] is[tld]

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