Class RdeMarshaller

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@NotThreadSafe public final class RdeMarshaller extends Object implements Serializable
XML document fragment marshaller for RDE.
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    • makeHeader

      public String makeHeader(String depositId, org.joda.time.DateTime watermark, Collection<String> uris, int revision)
      Returns top-portion of XML document.
    • makeFooter

      public String makeFooter()
      Returns bottom-portion of XML document.
    • marshal

      public String marshal(javax.xml.bind.JAXBElement<?> element) throws javax.xml.bind.MarshalException
      Turns XJC element into XML fragment, with schema validation unless in lenient mode.
    • marshalOrDie

      public String marshalOrDie(javax.xml.bind.JAXBElement<?> element)
      Turns XJC element into XML fragment, converting MarshalExceptions to RuntimeExceptions.
    • marshalContact

      public DepositFragment marshalContact(Contact contact)
      Turns Contact object into an XML fragment.
    • marshalDomain

      public DepositFragment marshalDomain(Domain domain, RdeMode mode)
      Turns Domain object into an XML fragment.
    • marshalSubordinateHost

      public DepositFragment marshalSubordinateHost(Host host, Domain superordinateDomain)
      Turns Host object into an XML fragment.
    • marshalExternalHost

      public DepositFragment marshalExternalHost(Host host)
      Turns Host object into an XML fragment.
    • marshalRegistrar

      public DepositFragment marshalRegistrar(Registrar registrar)
      Turns Registrar object into an XML fragment.
    • marshalIdn

      public String marshalIdn(IdnTable idn)
      Turns IdnTable object into an XML fragment.