Class MutatingCommand

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ConfigureTldCommand, CreateBulkPricingPackageCommand, UpdateBulkPricingPackageCommand

public abstract class MutatingCommand extends ConfirmingCommand
A ConfirmingCommand that changes objects in the database.
  • Constructor Details

    • MutatingCommand

      public MutatingCommand()
  • Method Details

    • init

      protected abstract void init() throws Exception
      Initializes the command.

      Subclasses override this method to populate changedEntitiesMap with updated entities. The old entity is the key and the new entity is the value; the key is null for newly created entities and the value is null for deleted entities.

      init in class ConfirmingCommand
    • execute

      protected String execute() throws Exception
      Performs the command and returns a result description.

      Subclasses can override this method if the command does something besides update entities, such as running a full flow.

      Specified by:
      execute in class ConfirmingCommand
    • postBatchExecute

      protected void postBatchExecute()
      Performs any execution step after each batch.
    • stageEntityChange

      protected void stageEntityChange(@Nullable ImmutableObject oldEntity, @Nullable ImmutableObject newEntity)
      Stages an entity change that will be applied by execute(). Both ImmutableObject instances must be some version of the same entity with the same key.
      oldEntity - the existing version of the entity, or null to create a new entity
      newEntity - the new version of the entity to save, or null to delete the entity
    • flushTransaction

      protected void flushTransaction()
      Subclasses can call this to write out all previously requested entity changes since the last transaction flush in a transaction.
    • prompt

      protected String prompt()
      Returns the changes that have been staged thus far.
      prompt in class ConfirmingCommand
    • getChangedEntities

      protected<ImmutableObject> getChangedEntities()
      Returns the collection of the new entity in the MutatingCommand.EntityChange.