Class RefreshDnsForAllDomainsAction

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    public class RefreshDnsForAllDomainsAction
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.lang.Runnable
    A mapreduce that enqueues DNS publish tasks on all active domains on the specified TLD(s).

    This refreshes DNS both for all domain names and all in-bailiwick hostnames, as DNS writers are responsible for enqueuing refresh tasks for subordinate hosts. So this action thus refreshes DNS for everything applicable under all TLDs under management.

    Because there are no auth settings in the Action annotation, this command can only be run internally, or by pretending to be internal by setting the X-AppEngine-QueueName header, which only admin users can do.

    You must pass in a number of smearMinutes as a URL parameter so that the DNS queue doesn't get overloaded. A rough rule of thumb for Cloud DNS is 1 minute per every 1,000 domains. This smears the updates out over the next N minutes. For small TLDs consisting of fewer than 1,000 domains, passing in 1 is fine (which will execute all the updates immediately).

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        public void run()
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