Class HostCheckFlow

All Implemented Interfaces:
Flow, TransactionalFlow

@ReportingSpec(HOST_CHECK) public final class HostCheckFlow extends Object implements TransactionalFlow
An EPP flow that checks whether a host can be provisioned.

This flows can check the existence of multiple hosts simultaneously.

Expected Error
TooManyResourceChecksException, FlowUtils.NotLoggedInException
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    • run

      public EppResponse run() throws EppException
      Description copied from interface: Flow
      Executes an EPP "flow" and returns a response object (or in the specific case of the "hello" flow a greeting object) that can be converted to XML and returned to the caller.

      Flows should have called once per instance. If a flow needs to be retried, a new instance should be created.

      Flows should get all of their parameters via injection off of FlowComponent.

      Specified by:
      run in interface Flow