Class HostInfoFlow

All Implemented Interfaces:
Flow, TransactionalFlow

@ReportingSpec(HOST_INFO) public final class HostInfoFlow extends Object implements TransactionalFlow
An EPP flow that returns information about a host.

The returned information included IP addresses, if any, and details of the host's most recent transfer if it has ever been transferred. Any registrar can see the information for any host.

Expected Error
FlowUtils.NotLoggedInException, ResourceFlowUtils.ResourceDoesNotExistException, HostFlowUtils.HostNameNotLowerCaseException, HostFlowUtils.HostNameNotNormalizedException, HostFlowUtils.HostNameNotPunyCodedException
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    • run

      public EppResponse run() throws EppException
      Description copied from interface: Flow
      Executes an EPP "flow" and returns a response object (or in the specific case of the "hello" flow a greeting object) that can be converted to XML and returned to the caller.

      Flows should have called once per instance. If a flow needs to be retried, a new instance should be created.

      Flows should get all of their parameters via injection off of FlowComponent.

      Specified by:
      run in interface Flow