Class EppResource.Builder<T extends EppResource,​B extends EppResource.Builder<T,​B>>

    • Method Detail

      • setCreationTime

        public B setCreationTime​(org.joda.time.DateTime creationTime)
        Set the time this resource was created.

        Note: This can only be used if the creation time hasn't already been set, which it is in normal EPP flows.

      • setCreationTimeForTest

        public B setCreationTimeForTest​(org.joda.time.DateTime creationTime)
        Set the time this resource was created. Should only be used in tests.
      • setDeletionTime

        public B setDeletionTime​(org.joda.time.DateTime deletionTime)
        Set the time after which this resource should be considered deleted.
      • setPersistedCurrentSponsorRegistrarId

        public B setPersistedCurrentSponsorRegistrarId​(java.lang.String currentSponsorRegistrarId)
        Set the current sponsoring registrar.
      • setCreationRegistrarId

        public B setCreationRegistrarId​(java.lang.String creationRegistrarId)
        Set the registrar that created this resource.
      • setLastEppUpdateTime

        public B setLastEppUpdateTime​(org.joda.time.DateTime lastEppUpdateTime)
        Set the time when a <update> was performed on this resource.
      • setLastEppUpdateRegistrarId

        public B setLastEppUpdateRegistrarId​(java.lang.String lastEppUpdateRegistrarId)
        Set the registrar who last performed a <update> on this resource.
      • setStatusValues

        public B setStatusValues​(<StatusValue> statusValues)
        Set this resource's status values.
      • addStatusValue

        public B addStatusValue​(StatusValue statusValue)
        Add to this resource's status values.
      • removeStatusValue

        public B removeStatusValue​(StatusValue statusValue)
        Remove from this resource's status values.
      • addStatusValues

        public B addStatusValues​(<StatusValue> statusValues)
        Add to this resource's status values.
      • removeStatusValues

        public B removeStatusValues​(<StatusValue> statusValues)
        Remove from this resource's status values.
      • setRepoId

        public B setRepoId​(java.lang.String repoId)
        Set this resource's repoId.
      • setUpdateTimestamp

        public B setUpdateTimestamp​(UpdateAutoTimestamp updateTimestamp)
        Set the update timestamp.

        This is provided at EppResource since UpdateAutoTimestampEntity doesn't have a Builder.