Class DesignatedContact

All Implemented Interfaces:
UnsafeSerializable, Serializable, Cloneable

@Embeddable public class DesignatedContact extends ImmutableObject implements UnsafeSerializable
Persisted type for storing a domain's contact associations.

A contact association on a domain consists of the contact key and the contact "type", which is the designated role of this contact with respect to this domain. When converting to and from EPP XML, we use ForeignKeyedDesignatedContact to replace the contact's primary key with its foreign key, since that is what EPP exposes.

Note one could in principle store contact foreign keys here in addition to keys, unlike the situation with hosts where client-side renames would make that data stale. However, we sometimes rename contacts internally ourselves, and it's easier to use the same model for both cases.

This entity type is not persisted in Cloud SQL. The different roles are represented as separate fields in the Domain table.

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