Class SignedMarkRevocationList

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@Entity public class SignedMarkRevocationList extends ImmutableObject
Signed Mark Data Revocation List (SMDRL).

Represents a SMDRL file downloaded from the TMCH MarksDB each day. The list holds the ids of all the SignedMarks that have been revoked. A new list is created for each new file that's created, depending on the timestamp.

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  • Constructor Details

    • SignedMarkRevocationList

      public SignedMarkRevocationList()
  • Method Details

    • get

      public static SignedMarkRevocationList get()
    • create

      public static SignedMarkRevocationList create(org.joda.time.DateTime creationTime,<String,org.joda.time.DateTime> revokes)
      Create a new SignedMarkRevocationList without saving it.
    • isSmdRevoked

      public boolean isSmdRevoked(String smdId, org.joda.time.DateTime now)
      Returns true if the SMD ID has been revoked at the given point in time.
    • getCreationTime

      public org.joda.time.DateTime getCreationTime()
      Returns the creation timestamp specified at the top of the SMDRL CSV file.
    • size

      public int size()
      Returns the number of revocations.
    • save

      public SignedMarkRevocationList save()
      Save this list to Cloud SQL. Returns this.