Class ProbingSequence


public class ProbingSequence extends CircularList<ProbingStep>
Represents Sequence of ProbingSteps that the Prober performs in order.

Inherits from CircularList, with element type of ProbingStep as the manner in which the sequence is carried out is similar to the CircularList. However, the ProbingSequence.Builder of ProbingSequence override CircularList.AbstractBuilder allowing for more customized flows, that are looped, but not necessarily entirely circular. Example: first -> second -> third -> fourth -> second -> third -> fourth -> second ->...

Created with ProbingSequence.Builder where we specify EventLoopGroup, AbstractChannel class type, then sequentially add in the ProbingStep.Builders in order and mark which one is the first repeated step.

ProbingSequence implicitly points each ProbingStep to the next one, so once the first one is activated with the requisite Token, the ProbingSteps do the rest of the work.