Class RydeEncoder

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    public final class RydeEncoder
    Stream that performs the full RyDE encryption.

    The RyDE format has 2 files:

    • the "data" file, encoded in data -> tar -> PgpFile -> compression -> encryption
    • the signature of the resulting file

    Hence, the encoder needs to receive 2 OutputStreams - one for the data and one for the signature.

    Because of the external tar file encoding - the encoder must know the total length of the data from the start. This is a bit annoying, but necessary.

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      void close()  
      void write​(byte[] b, int off, int len)
      Call the underlying 3 input write.
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        public void write​(byte[] b,
                          int off,
                          int len)
        Call the underlying 3 input write.

        FilterInputStream implements the 3 input write using a for loop over the single-byte write. For efficiency reasons, we want it to use the 3 input write instead.

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        public void close()
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