Class FeesAndCredits

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Buildable, java.lang.Cloneable

    public class FeesAndCredits
    extends ImmutableObject
    implements Buildable
    A collection of fees and credits for a specific EPP transform.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FeesAndCredits

        public FeesAndCredits()
    • Method Detail

      • hasPremiumFeesOfType

        public boolean hasPremiumFeesOfType​(BaseFee.FeeType type)
      • getTotalCost

        public getTotalCost()
        Returns the total cost of all fees and credits for the event.
      • hasAnyPremiumFees

        public boolean hasAnyPremiumFees()
      • getCreateCost

        public getCreateCost()
        Returns the create cost for the event.
      • getEapCost

        public getEapCost()
        Returns the EAP cost for the event.
      • getRenewCost

        public getRenewCost()
        Returns the renew cost for the event.
      • getRestoreCost

        public getRestoreCost()
        Returns the restore cost for the event.
      • getFees

        public<Fee> getFees()
        Returns the list of fees for the event.
      • isFeeExtensionRequired

        public boolean isFeeExtensionRequired()
        Returns whether a custom fee is present that requires fee extension acknowledgement.
      • getCredits

        public<Credit> getCredits()
        Returns the list of credits for the event.
      • getCurrency

        public final getCurrency()
        Returns the currency for all fees in the event.
      • getFeesAndCredits

        public<BaseFee> getFeesAndCredits()
        Returns all fees and credits for the event.