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AllocationToken, BaseDomainLabelList, BillingBase, BillingCancellation, BillingEvent, BillingRecurrence, BulkPricingPackage, Contact, ContactBase, ContactHistory, ContactTransferData, Domain, DomainBase, DomainHistory, DomainTransactionRecord, DomainTransferData, EppResource, FeesAndCredits, HistoryEntry, Host, HostBase, HostHistory, PollMessage, PollMessage.Autorenew, PollMessage.OneTime, PostalInfo, PremiumList, PremiumList.PremiumEntry, Registrar, RegistryLock, ReservedList, ReservedList.ReservedListEntry, Spec11ThreatMatch, Tld, TransferData, User, UserRoles

public interface Buildable
Interface for ImmutableObject subclasses that have a builder.
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    static class 
    Boilerplate for immutable builders.
    static class 
    Boilerplate for abstract immutable builders that need to be able to cast "this".
    static interface 
    Interface for objects that can produce an "overlay", which means a copy where non-null fields from another object are copied over, but null fields on the source are not.
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