Class PollMessage

All Implemented Interfaces:
Buildable, TransferData.TransferServerApproveEntity, UnsafeSerializable, Serializable, Cloneable
Direct Known Subclasses:
PollMessage.Autorenew, PollMessage.OneTime

@Entity public abstract class PollMessage extends ImmutableObject implements Buildable, TransferData.TransferServerApproveEntity, UnsafeSerializable
A poll message that is pending for a registrar.

Poll messages are not delivered until their eventTime has passed. Poll messages can be speculatively enqueued for future delivery, and then modified or deleted before that date has passed. Unlike most other entities in the database, which are marked as deleted but otherwise retained for historical purposes, poll messages are truly deleted once they have been delivered and ACKed.

Poll messages have a reference to the revision id of the HistoryEntry that resulted in their creation or re-creation, in case of transfer cancellation/rejection. The revision ids are not used directly by the Java code, but their presence in the database makes it easier to diagnose potential issues related to poll messages.

Poll messages are identified externally by registrars using the format defined in PollMessageExternalKeyConverter.

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  • Constructor Details

    • PollMessage

      public PollMessage()
  • Method Details

    • getId

      public Long getId()
    • getRegistrarId

      public String getRegistrarId()
    • getEventTime

      public org.joda.time.DateTime getEventTime()
    • getMsg

      public String getMsg()
    • getDomainRepoId

      public String getDomainRepoId()
      Returns the domain repo id.

      This may only be used on a Domain poll event.

    • getContactRepoId

      public String getContactRepoId()
      Returns the contact repo id.

      This may only be used on a Contact poll event.

    • getHostRepoId

      public String getHostRepoId()
      Returns the host repo id.

      This may only be used on a Host poll event.

    • getResourceId

      public String getResourceId()
      Gets the repo ID of the underlying resource that the PollMessage is for, regardless of the type of the resource.
    • getHistoryRevisionId

      public Long getHistoryRevisionId()
      Gets the underlying history revision id, regardless of the type of the resource.
    • getType

      public PollMessage.Type getType()
    • createVKey

      public abstract VKey<? extends PollMessage> createVKey()
      Specified by:
      createVKey in interface TransferData.TransferServerApproveEntity
      createVKey in class ImmutableObject
    • getResponseData

      public abstract<EppResponse.ResponseData> getResponseData()
    • asBuilder

      public abstract PollMessage.Builder<?,?> asBuilder()
      Override Buildable.asBuilder() to give this method stronger typing.
      Specified by:
      asBuilder in interface Buildable